I lived here with several roommates and my wife for the better part of 4 years and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is nicely tucked away from the street and hubbub of West County but allows easy access to such as 141 and Olive Rd are very close. The community itself is generally very quiet, the grounds are very well kept, and the apartments are fairly well maintained. When we first moved in, the manager was very good and on top of things (her name was Colleen) but during recent lease renewals the staff has been somewhat difficult to work with as they (there have been multiple people in on different days) did not seem as organized and did not seem to communicate well with one another. I would have to remind them of things or redo paperwork, etc. While the managers here are wanting, the manager of Wolff Properties, Trisha Olsen, is wonderful and always easy to work with. She always seems on top of her game and happy to help. She was a godsend in getting some things straightened out during our tenure there. Lastly, the maintenance crew is also great here. In my experience they were very on top of requests and then they were done well and with good quality. I even had a major repair that had to be done and they were very good about getting there as soon as they could and being respectful of the space while communicating well with my wife and I. I would definitely move here again if in the area and I had a good job.

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